Elite Israeli Combat Training
VIP/Bodyguard Certification
 - Elite Israeli Combat Pistol & Rifle Certification
 - Entering & Clearing Rooms - Individual / Pairs
 - Civilian & Military Krav Maga Tactics
 - Active Shooter Certification
 - Much More... 
 - Striking and Close Quarter Defensive Tactics
 - Gun and Knife Disarming/ Long Gun Disarming
 - Weapon Retention ▪ Long Blunt Weapon Disarming
 - Take-downs 
 - Ground Defense
 - Arrest Techniques
 - Edged Weapon Awareness
 - Use of Force
 - Post Law Enforcement Credits
 - Certification
 - Etiquette and Protocol
 - Protector and VIP Formations
 - Threat Assessment
 - Close Protection / 3rd Party Defense
 - Fire Arm Safety with VIP
 - VIP Extraction
 - Much more... 
Only $395 - 4 Day Course
Oklahoma City - July 18th-21st
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Only $475 - 4 Day Course
2018 Course Complete
[Next Course April 2019]
Presale Discount $1200 - 4 Day Course
Denver Metro Area- Coming Oct 2018
[Reservations Opening in June]
Defensive Tactics Instructor Course
Elite Israeli Combat Training
Defensive Tactics Instructor Course
VIP/Bodyguard Certification


From the novice shooter to the advanced shooter, both shooters more then likely have one thing in common. They have never truly trained with their weapon in the manner required to respond without hesitation in a deadly stituation.


Unless you have police or military service many gun owners have never trained with their weapon outside of “point and shoot” target practice at a local gun range.

Is this enough training to protect your love ones?

We don’t believe so.



You already know that if you are ever in a situation that you must pull your weapon that you will be under stress and pressure. Any mistake can be your last mistake. Make sure to stay in the fight by learning muscle memory on how to react to a threat, pull, draw and if needed eliminate your intended target.

Our classes not only teach students how to deal with deadly force situations in which you fear for your life but introduce real world situations. These situations are never easy. However, being well trained “will be” the difference in your survival.



Survival from a deadly threat goes beyond your gun. What happens if you have no gun on you when a deadly situation occurs? Our training goes beyond pistol and rifle training. Our team provides Active Shooter training, weapons take away, using barricades for cover and everyday objects. These elements when put together allows an individual or a group of people to take down and overwhelm a threat and subdue them until law enforcement arrives.

Consider getting training for your Organization, Church or Synagogue? We can setup a personalized training session for your team at our local or at your location.



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